John Gandar             BSc, BTP, AMSRS

About Us

Gandar Associates can bring extensive business experience. Specific achievements include:
  • Doubling company revenues in 5 year spans
  • Significant profit and margin improvements
  • Key account and project management
  • Improving staff retention and lowering churn
  • Global research product developments
  • Global databasing of questions, norms and benchmarks
  • Technology shifts from PAPI to online interviewing globally within 2 years.
We have experience across a wide range of markets and categories, both in Australia and New Zealand and other regions of the world. Particular areas of category knowledge include:
  • Services (fast food, professional, etc)
  • FMCG & consumer (many categories)
  • B2B, industrials
  • Automotive
  • Financial (banking, finance, insurance, credit cards)
  • Leisure (airlines)
  • Media (radio, publishing)
Professional experience includes:
  • Ten years of MD and CEO experience
  • Twenty years of account and project management experience
  • Twenty years Board of Directors experience
  • Industry leadership and committee membership, conference presentations, and training
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