Current or completed projects since June 2009 includes:

Research product development:

Large market research company needed to distil a point of difference for a well established business stream. Work included positioning, process, methods and questionnaire topic development.

Brand perception studies:

Positioning checks for a Blue Chip organisation conducted online. Turnaround often completed in 2/3 days.

Operational Excellence review:

Establish an operational excellence plan for a market research company to add value, decrease turnaround time and improve margins.

Market Research buyer review:

A review including recommendations for a major research buyer of their buying and spend priorities, internal briefing and insight delivery process.

Marketing Performance Dashboard:

Develop a dashboard format for key marketing performance analytics. Dashboard used for assessing KPI’s within the organisation and based on market tracking and internal databases.

Price and product trade-offs:

Design and reporting work for a complex multi-cell online study evaluating price demand for a range of manufactured products. Used to identify a future pricing strategy.


Gandar Associates works with the following partners:


Scott Maclean and John work together particularly where advanced analytics are required:



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