We are a practical consultancy working directly with our clients to derive the most valuable insights combined with the most efficient way of working. We work with both buyers and suppliers of market research and our activities and outcomes are tailored around three areas of focus:

  1. Delivering: Research projects and account management, product development, project design, business development
  2. Learning: Research insight development, post-project “where-to?” workshopping, mentoring and training key staff
  3. Reviewing: Process review, supplier reviews, change management
We deliver the following outcomes:
  1. Knowledge to deliver effective, efficient and leading insights for any valuable key account and/or project
  2. Added value to any particular project function
  3. Business development matched effectively to resources and capabilities
  4. New business in line with long term capabilities and ability to deliver it
  5. Research product development that complements existing offers
  6. Process enhancement including databasing, questionnaire standardisation and technology migration
  7. Independent assessment of capabilities to effectively grow and deliver business
  8. Coaching and training of key staff
  9. Experienced based practical process reviews to modernise, maximise or streamline turnaround, quality and budgets
  10. Strategy for Board governance and equity
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