Being successful and prospering is based on good service, competitive products and solutions but the very best companies also understand their key drivers of value. This is never more true than in today’s financial environment of change and continued financial pressure.

Every research buyer and every research supplier wants to obtain the very best and unique insights that give the competitive edge, strategic clarity or resolve difficult tactical choices. We bring an understanding and practical experience to any consultancy project, whether it is managing a project or client, or assessing and advising on how a project or business stream could be managed.

In our experience the core component of any research project is time. The relative amounts of time spent doing tasks directly affects the time to turnaround a project, the inherent quality of the data collected and the insights derived, and of course the sum of time spent directly affects the cost of the project. Understanding these drivers is critical to achieving the goal of maximising the delivery of the insights obtained. Our Value Driver Model understanding this process is shown as follows:

Value driver model:
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