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Gandar Associates will use extensive knowledge and experience of effective project management and building strong businesses for your projects.

  1. Directing key accounts and projects to agreed outcomes
  2. Effective implementation of regional or global multi-country studies
  3. Advising on project components including client outcome workshops, questionnaire design, panel buying, translations, data-basing, data spec’ing, analysis, chart set up, reporting, and insight gathering.
  4. Post-project “where-to next” workshopping
  5. Developing products, presentations and offers
  1. Developing the most effective and satisfying client inter-actions
  2. Staff coaching and development of skills for business continuity
  1. Identifying clients, business streams, new opportunities that match and extend your current offer
  2. Senior director, GM, CEO coaching
  3. Ensuring your project costs are minimised whilst still creating the opportunity to deliver leading edge insights
  4. Account and/or business stream reviews to increase value, efficiency, output and insight
  5. Skills assessment, targeting of appropriate client and business areas
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